Illinois Pro-Life Leader Penny Pullen Endorses Jason Plummer in Senate Race

Troy, IL - Former state representative, President of the Life Advocacy Resource Project, and founder of the Illinois Family Institute Penny Pullen has endorsed Jason Plummer as the best candidate to defend traditional values in the Illinois State Senate, the Plummer campaign announced today.

Throughout her career, Pullen earned a strong reputation as a principled conservative and champion of pro-life and pro-family causes whose work had a profound impact on Illinois and the country.

"Having the support of someone as remarkable as Penny Pullen, who has fought tirelessly for decades to protect the rights of the unborn and protect family values is truly humbling," Plummer stated. "I have always looked up to Penny Pullen as a textbook example of what it means to be a good public servant and conservative leader and I am honored to accept her endorsement."

"I first got to know Jason years ago when he ran for Lt. Governor. His business experience and understanding of the economy are exactly the skillsets Illinois needs right now," Pullen was quoted as saying. "Jason also has deeply held personal convictions about the sanctity of life and the importance of family, which I know will make him a great asset for the people of his Senate district and all over Illinois."

Pullen was an Illinois State Representative for 16 years. She also served on three councils under Presidents Reagan and Bush and as a Republican National Committeewoman from Illinois.

The full endorsement letter can be found here: