About Jason

Jason and Shannon Plummer

I know how jobs are created, and I know how and why they leave. I see and feel the terrible consequences that out of control real estate taxes, a stagnant economy, and job-killing regulations have on families. I see the frustration of my friends in law enforcement as they battle an epidemic -- often times without the support and resources they need and deserve. I see the issues impacting Southern Illinois families and communities every day. I know Southern Illinois can do better. I’m dedicating my time and energy to this campaign to make sure it happens. I will use my experience to help protect our communities, defend our values, and deliver results that can improve the life of every Illinoisan.

My name is Jason Plummer. I’m a family man, a businessman, and a strong conservative. I’m running for the Illinois Senate for one reason -- to be a strong, independent, and conservative voice for the people of Southern Illinois who have been forgotten by career politicians in Springfield.

My family is from here, I was raised here, and we have built our businesses here. This is home. In 1977, my parents used what savings they had from their work as teachers and took a risk, buying an old, abandoned lumber yard in Staunton. That was the start of R.P. Lumber. Today, R.P. Lumber is still family owned and has over 70 locations. We’ve started other businesses since then and proudly provide quality employment for over 1,000 families. I am very proud to serve as Vice President of R.P. Lumber, of my work which has grown our companies, and the opportunity I have had to share in my family’s vision and hard work.

Through my experiences in business and my activity with civic groups, I have had the privilege to visit and partner with many of the communities and people around the 54th District. I’ve seen firsthand that the strong values embodied in the hard-working residents of Southern Illinois continue to make our small towns wonderful places to live and work. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed the devastation of our local economies caused by staggeringly high taxes, reckless government spending, debt, waste, and corruption. The blighted buildings, high unemployment, substance abuse, and crime are all symptoms of decay that started with the failure of career politicians to lead. Together, we can help correct this failure.

I have started and managed businesses, created quality jobs, served in the armed forces as a Navy Reserve intelligence officer, and am active in numerous civic and business organizations. I want to use my experience to help protect our communities, defend our values, and deliver results that can improve the lives of Illinois residents.

My wife, Shannon, and I live in Edwardsville with our daughter, Audrey, and dog, Rambo. I am a member of the First Baptist Church of Maryville, serve on the board of Carmi Baptist Children’s Home, and am involved in the community through several local civic and business organizations. In 2010, I was the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor and fought hard for conservative principles on the ticket with Bill Brady.

What do I believe?

I’m a conservative. Government cannot, and should not, be the solution to all the problems we have, but when we need government to do the job it has to be done right, in an efficient and effective manner. We need inventors, entrepreneurs, and business people to create a thriving economy with quality jobs, but we also need public servants to protect our communities and enact policies that encourage the people to take full advantage of our economic freedom. I support a limited, constitutional government as the framers of our first state constitution intended and am a believer in Abraham Lincoln’s precept that the role of government is, "to do for the people what needs to be done, but what they cannot by individual effort do at all."

What can you expect from me when elected?

I will work tirelessly and with conviction to ensure that the issues you care about, and that are important to this district, are loudly heard in Springfield. I remember when the people of Southern Illinois had a voice. I do not feel that we do anymore. I will always speak directly to you and my door will always be open. When I vote, I will vote with my conscience. I am committed to being open, transparent, and accountable. I want to work hard for you, do my job, and then get back to my family and business. I won’t abandon these convictions and holding public office will never be my career.