Plummer Earns Endorsement of 'Save Your Home Now'

Doubles Down on Commitment to Lower Property Taxes

TROY, IL - An organization that has dedicated itself to implementing a hard cap on property taxes in Illinois, Save Your Home Now, has endorsed a select few candidates for state office in this election cycle. One of those candidates is Jason Plummer, the Republican running for State Senate in Illinois' 54th District, who has been a strong advocate for lowering property taxes to keep residents from being priced out of their homes.
"Property taxes in Illinois are crushing families, forcing them to leave the state, and costing Illinois quality jobs," Plummer said. "I'm extremely proud of this endorsement. Save Your Home Now is a non-partisan organization that's committed to lowering property taxes for all Illinoisans. I promise that I will fight every day in Springfield for real property tax reform.
On their website, Save Your Home Now touts the fact that states as politically diverse as California and Indiana have implemented a 1% property tax cap as a percentage of home value. They also note that these states are still able to fund high-quality essential services, like schools and first responders.
"High property taxes is absolutely one of the biggest issues I hear about from voters across the district and Springfield has to fix the problem. It's ridiculous that Illinois continues to lose jobs and people to Indiana or Missouri and it is time that our politicians found the political courage to actually balance the budget and lift this burden off of homeowners," Plummer stated.

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