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Senator Plummer co-sponsors legislation to ensure independent investigations of ethics violations

Springfield – State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) is co-sponsoring Senate Bill 2297, legislation that will help restore public trust in an honest and ethical state government.

At a press conference in the Capitol’s blue room, this morning, members of the Senate Republican Caucus unveiled a legislative proposal to ensure independent investigations of members of the General Assembly.
SB 2297, gives the Legislative Inspector General (LIG) the appropriate tools, which the current LIG has suggested, to conduct independent investigations of legislators.

"This past week has been an embarrassment for the State of Illinois,” said Plummer. “We can no longer rely on a system that allows politicians to police politicians. We need real reform to ensure independent investigations. It’s time to take action to regain the trust of the citizens of Illinois.”

Currently, except in cases alleging sexual harassment, the LIG must get advance approval from the Legislative Ethics Commission (LEC) before opening an investigation, or issuing subpoenas. Additionally, if, during the investigation, the LIG discovers wrongdoing that is beyond the scope of, or unrelated to the initial complaint, they have to go back to the LEC to get approval to investigate further.

Under SB 2297, the LIG would be able to investigate complaints against legislators and issue subpoenas without approval from the LEC. By taking legislators out of the process, the bill ensures independence in the investigation of these claims.

“I’m tired of our great state being a national laughing stock when it comes to corruption and good government," said Plummer. I would encourage my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to work with us in a bi-partisan manner to get this done. We return to Springfield in two weeks for the second week of the fall veto session. I would hope we can move this legislation along at that time.”

The Senate returns for the final week of the fall veto session on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

New Law Sponsored by Senator Plummer Will Eliminate Registration Fees for Certain Farm Machinery

Edwardsville, IL……A new law sponsored by State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) will update Illinois law and clarify registration requirements for owners of certain fertilizer spreaders and farm wagon type tank trailers. Similar to combines, these tanks and spreaders are only used a couple months a year for off road use and registration should not be required. This new law takes effect on January 1, 2020.

House Bill 2669/Public Act 101-0481 removes the vehicle registration requirement for specific farm wagon trailers having a fertilizer spreader attachment and farm wagon type tank trailers. The new law also removes the $250 registration fee and existing width and weight restrictions for a single unit, self-propelled agricultural fertilizer spreader.

“This new legislation will help the agricultural community by defining which fertilizer tanks and spreaders are to be registered,” said Plummer. “This is one small step in helping to bring some registration uniformity to our local farm machinery owners and operators.”

Additionally, this new law allows the use of a single unit, self-propelled agricultural fertilizer implement, designed for both on and off road use, equipped with flotation tires used for fertilizer or agricultural chemical and having a width of more than 12 feet or a gross weight in excess of 36,000 pound to be used on Illinois roads.

HB 2669/PA 101-0481, which passed the Senate unanimously, takes effect on January 1, 2020.

Senator Jason Plummer Wants You Aware of Phone Scam

The Illinois State Police (ISP) is warning the public of a phone scam that is currently circulating throughout the country. A number of residents have reported to the ISP that they have received a call with a voice indicating the person’s grandson has been arrested or is in trouble.  While the caller ID shows that the ISP is calling, ISP wants to make sure the public knows these calls are not coming from them.   

Citizens should be aware of this scam, and remember that the Illinois State Police does not ask for personal information and will never call to solicit money on behalf of the Department or ask you to send money for any reason. Citizens are advised to hang up immediately and cautioned to not provide any personal information. 

The Illinois State Police encourages those that believe they have been the victim of this phone scam to call them at 217-782-7980, or report information on this scam or different types of phone scams to the Illinois Attorney General’s office at

Senator Plummer Asking for photos/stories for Veterans “Wall of Honor” in Springfield.

With Veterans Day right around the corner, State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) is encouraging constituents to honor the brave men and women who have served our country. Constituents are encouraged to submit a photo and write a tribute to a loved one who has served in the United States Armed Forces to be displayed on the Veterans Day “Wall of Honor” in the Illinois State Capitol from November 4-15.

“I was proud to serve in the United States Navy with some of the best people our Nation has to offer. We should always thank and honor our veterans for their courage and the many sacrifices they made protecting our nation,” said Senator Plummer. “The least we can do is show respect by sharing a photo and story to honor their service in the Illinois State Capitol.”

To honor an Illinois veteran, please submit photos and written stories (max: 250 words) along with the following information: name, military branch (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy) and conflict and/or era served (Afghanistan, Iraq, Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea, WWII, WWI, Peacetime, other). Military photos are preferred, but not necessary.

Please email submissions to by Nov. 3. Submissions can also be mailed to Veterans Day Wall, 309 G Statehouse, Springfield, IL 62706. For questions, call (217) 782-7330.

For those who submit a tribute and would like to visit the Capitol to see their loved ones story on display, you can check out this video before you travel to Springfield,

Senator Plummer Reminds You that Harvest Season is Underway

With harvest season beginning and an uptake of agricultural equipment on the roadways, Sen. Jason Plummer is reminding motorists to be extra cautious while traveling.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 26 percent of Illinois corn is now considered mature. Meanwhile, soybean coloring is at 53 percent, which means heavy farm equipment traffic is expected to increase on roadways.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, transportation incidents were the leading cause of death for farmers and farm workers in 2016. Motorists are encouraged to slow down and be aware of farmers on the roadways.

To help keep harvest season safe for everyone, motorists can follow these simple safety steps.

• Find the lights on farm vehicles. Farm vehicles are required to have amber and red rear lights. The amber lights should be visible to the front and rear. They should flash as a warning to other motorists.
• Slow down as soon as you see a farm vehicle. Most farm equipment only travels 15 to 20 miles per hour, so it is crucial to slow down before it is too late.
• Be cognizant of the time of year. Harvest season typically runs from September through November. Drivers should expect to see farm vehicles on the road during this time.

Senator Plummer calls for Action in Veto Session for Fair Map Constitutional Amendment

State Senator Jason Plummer (54th), today, called for Senate Democrat leadership and the Governor to help advance a Fair Map Constitutional Amendment in the fall Veto Session. Currently, a bipartisan group of 37 Senators have signed on to sponsor Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 4. The amendment would pave the way for independently drawn legislative maps and allow citizens to weigh in on the redistricting process.

"Career politicians in Illinois have mastered the art of disenfranchising voters to the benefit of themselves and their partisan interests," said Plummer. "Unfortunately, despite a veto-proof number of co-sponsors, SJRCA 4 has yet to be called for a vote. I am urging Democrat leadership to release it out of committee and give power back to the people of this great state."

SJRCA 4 has been sitting in the Senate Assignments Committee since January 30, 2019. Fall Veto Session is scheduled for October 28-30th and November 12-14th. With a supermajority in both chambers, Democrats control what legislation gets called for a vote.

By law, every ten years, Illinois' General Assembly and Congressional district maps are redrawn. The Illinois State Constitution requires the General Assembly to agree on a redistricting plan to be voted on by both chambers.
Under current law, it is a winner-take-all system with a Democrat majority in control. This system gives one party too much power and the ability to shift and draw district lines to create an advantage for their respective party and members. The result is "gerrymandered" districts that are oddly shaped, do not fairly represent all citizens and communities, and are uncompetitive at election time, taking away the will of the people.

"We need to take the power to draw these lines from the career politicians," said Plummer. “Both parties have been guilty of this abuse, only when we have a Fair Map Constitutional Amendment will voters and citizens have a say in the process. We must get back to competitive elections and restore trust in the legislative process."
If you agree with Sen. Plummer, please sign his petition to demand a fair map amendment on the ballot.

Plummer Public Safety Legislation Signed into Law

A new Illinois law will ensure appropriate emergency personnel can respond quickly, and safely in an emergency situation.

House Bill 1876, sponsored by State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) allows a qualified deputy or assistant fire chief to operate a vehicle with red or white oscillating, rotating, or flashing emergency lights. Under current law, only a fire chief may use such emergency lights.

“As legislators, one of our top priorities has to be providing for the safety of Illinois families. This new law accomplishes that goal,” said Plummer. “I was proud to sponsor legislation that ensures appropriate first responders can swiftly and safely respond in emergency situations.”

While Plummer’s legislation applies to all fire departments in Illinois, it is particularly helpful in smaller communities with volunteer fire departments where the fire chief may not always be able to respond to an emergency. In these situations, a deputy or assistant chief may be the one rushing to the scene to coordinate emergency response. Plummer’s legislation allows them to use emergency lights to get there safely.

"My uncle was a career firefighter and, later, the chief of a volunteer fire department in a very rural town.  These small but meaningful changes to existing law help keep our families safe in small communities throughout Southern Illinois,” concluded Plummer.

The new law will take effect January 1, 2020.

Senator Plummer’s Legislation to Protect Witnesses and Victims from The Defendant Signed In to Law

Legislation sponsored by State Senator Jason Plummer (54th District) was signed into law in July.  HB 2308 provides that in the event the defendant is unable to post bond, the court may impose a no contact provision with the victim or other interested party that shall be enforced while the defendant remains in custody.

“This is just a good common sense law,” said Plummer.  “We must help protect innocent victims and witnesses from being contacted and harassed from the defendant.”

This legislation was an Illinois Sheriffs Association initiative and was also supported by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police.

Senator Plummer has been a strong advocate for law and order.  “In many parts of our state, crime is out of control.  It’s time we stand firm with our law enforcement and law-abiding citizens to protect our communities and families.  This is one small step in the right direction.”

The new law takes effect January 1, 2020.  You can follow further action on this legislation on

The 54th Senate District is comprised of all or parts of the following counties; Bond, Clinton, Effingham, Fayette, Madison, Marion, Washington and St. Clair. 

More information and resources can be found on Sen. Plummer’s legislative website at

St. Louis Cardinals License Plates will be Available in Illinois

The State of Illinois has announced that a new St. Louis Cardinals permanent Illinois license plate will be available for purchase after Labor Day.  The license plates will be sold in support of public schools in Illinois.  The plates with the Cardinals "Birds on Bat" logo will be available with a random number, personalized or vanity.  According to the secretary of state's office, the cost of a random number Cardinal plate for a currently titled vehicle with valid Illinois registration will be $69.  Pricing varies for vanity and personalized license plates.   

Senator Plummer’s Hunting Safety Legislation Signed into Law

Vandalia, IL… Legislation sponsored by State Senator Jason Plummer (54th District) was signed into law on Friday, July 26. House Bill 3462 gives school districts the option to include hunting safety classes as part of their curriculum.

“Students who are exposed to lessons in hunting safety have a greater chance of respecting firearms and using them properly for the rest of their lives,” said Sen. Plummer. “As the law is shifting to emphasize the importance of safe handling—adopting legislation like this could make for an accessible path for students to learn these methods in depth, early on in their lives.”

The new law allows the Illinois State Board of Education to prepare and distribute instructional materials as guidelines for development of a unit of instruction on hunting education.

Current Illinois law requires anyone born on or after January 1, 1980 to present a valid Hunter Education Certificate of Competency issued by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Safety Education Division or another state before being issued a hunting license.

Many states are now requiring adult hunters to furnish evidence of having completed a Hunter Education Course prior to issuance of a non-resident license. An Illinois Hunter Safety Education certificate is accepted by all other states.

The new law takes effect immediately.  You can follow further action on this bill on

The 54th Senate District is comprised of all or parts of the following counties; Bond, Clinton, Effingham, Fayette, Madison, Marion, Washington and St. Clair. 

More information and resources can be found on Sen. Plummer’s legislative website at