Jason Plummer Says Local Governments Are Right to Defend Gun Owners

Troy, IL – Since the April 16th passage of a resolution by the Effingham County Board declaring the county to be a sanctuary for gun owners, four additional counties have taken the same dramatic step to effectively nullify any restrictive state law that infringes on Second Amendment Rights. Republican State Senate candidate Jason Plummer is praising local leaders for taking the initiative to uphold the Constitution.

"I think that gun owners everywhere should be really encouraged by the steps that local leaders like State's Attorney Bryan Kibler, Board Member David Campbell, and others have taken to protect their rights from Chicago Democrats who are really ramping up their efforts to undermine the Second Amendment," Plummer said. "They have started a prairie fire and what this shows is that local people can take a stand and turn the tables on government overreach."

In the wake of mass shootings in Florida and Las Vegas, Democratic legislators in Springfield have introduced a number of proposed bills that would restrict and infringe on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.

"I support the Second Amendment and frankly the legislation coming out of Springfield is appalling. Chicago gives us a prime example of how not to do things - from guns, to taxation, to corruption. With these bills, Chicago Democrats have really shown their true colors and their fundamental antagonism toward law-abiding gun owners and dealers. Chicago needs our Southern Illinois values, we don't need theirs. I'll be a strong voice against these anti-gun proposals that flaunt the Constitution and individual liberty."

The full release can be obtained here: https://bit.ly/2I7Rkqf