It’s Time to End the Illinois Fireworks Ban

Troy, IL – As Illinoisans prepare to celebrate this year’s Fourth of July, many are driving long distances to neighboring states to purchase fireworks. This is because Illinois has one of the strictest laws against buying fireworks in the country. Jason Plummer, who is the Republican candidate for State Senate in the 54th District, says that this law needs to be replaced and that he will push to change it in Springfield.

"The consumer fireworks ban in Illinois is a ridiculous policy. In forty-six other states a person can buy fireworks and that includes all of the states that surround Illinois. When Illinoisans simply choose to cross the state border to buy fireworks in Missouri, Indiana, or elsewhere, our businesses lose customers and our state loses millions in tax revenue. People should be able to buy fireworks for Independence Day and I would support good legislation that allows them to do that," Plummer said.

Persons in possession of illegal fireworks in the state can be subject to criminal penalties, including fines and jail time. However, with limited resources at their disposal and higher priorities at hand, many law enforcement jurisdictions have opted out of actively enforcing the fireworks ban.

Plummer indicated that the fireworks law is just one example of state government overreach. "The nanny-state mentality in Illinois government is at the root of our problems. People should be free from burdensome rules that tell them how to live their lives and run their businesses. We should be worried about solving a real problem, like the slow economy in our state, and not harping on regular folks who just want to shoot off fireworks in their backyard to celebrate our great nation."

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