Illinois Family Action endorses Jason Plummer for Senate

Jason Plummer’s conservative coalition grows as Election Day nears

Troy, IL – The political arm of the Illinois Family Institute, Illinois Family Action, announced that Jason Plummer has earned their full support in his campaign for Illinois State Senate in the 54th district. The announcement stated that "Plummer is a businessman and former statewide candidate, Republican County Chairman and a solid advocate of pro-family issues." Plummer was also endorsed recently by pro-life leader, Reagan appointee, and former state representative Penny Pullen.

David Smith, Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute, explained why Jason would be the strongest candidate to represent the faith and family values of Southern Illinois. "I've known Jason Plummer for many years now, and I recognize that he is a not just a good family man, but he is a man of deep faith who has been actively engaged in the political process for quite some time. I have every reason to believe that Jason will fight the tax-and-spend political establishment in Springfield and work diligently to promote policies that will strengthen families, preserve religious liberty and protect the dignity of human life at every stage, from conception to natural death."

Plummer says that he will fight for family values in Springfield and be a strong, independent voice for the people of Southern Illinois. " I'm proud to stand beside the Illinois Family Institute and have made defending our values a core part of my campaign. Without strong families, our communities cannot recover from the economic and spiritual challenges we face. As senator, I will fight to defend the religious freedom that forms the bedrock of our society and will work to ensure that the taxpayers of Southern Illinois do not have to foot the bill to terminate the lives of unborn children."

The Illinois Family Institute is a leader among the state's socially conservative groups. They are dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena of Illinois. Jason Plummer was the only state senate candidate to earn Illinois Family Action's endorsement this cycle.

The full endorsement letter can be viewed here: