Jason Plummer Honored by Victory in Republican Senate Primary

Expresses gratitude to supporters and optimism for the future

I am truly humbled by the opportunity given to me by Republican voters in the 54th District to stand for election in November and to be their nominee for Illinois State Senate. This campaign could not have succeeded were it not for the extraordinary work and dedication of volunteers and supporters from across the eight counties of this district. I am deeply grateful for their support, their trust, and for their passion for the future of Southern Illinois.

Looking ahead, I will continue to be a loud voice for the issues that Southern Illinois families care about and deal with every day. I spoke often during this campaign about the vital importance of attracting quality jobs, lowering taxes, supporting law enforcement in the fight against opioids, and standing up for traditional values and I will continue to do so. I am committed to reaching every voter and carrying this message across the 54th State Senate District through November.

My personal commitment to the people of the 54th District is that as your Illinois State Senator, I will work tirelessly for Southern Illinois families and communities. I will be an independent and effective voice to create quality jobs and lower out of control taxes. I look forward to the campaign ahead and the chance to meet with and listen to voters of all stripes. Illinois has tremendous potential and together we can begin to fix our problems so that Illinois is once again is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.