Plummer Opposes Progressive Income Tax Proposals

Troy, IL – In recent months, members of the General Assembly in Springfield have debated various proposed changes to the Illinois State Constitution that would allow for, or put in place, a progressive income tax for Illinois residents. The tax, which would set different rates for the various income levels, cannot be implemented without a change to the Illinois Constitution's present tax system

Jason Plummer, who is running as the Republican candidate for Senate in Illinois' 54th, strongly opposes the new tax. "The last thing that Illinois needs is another tax increase," Plummer said in a statement. "This progressive tax plan does nothing to address the underlying state spending problems and once again punishes middle class taxpayers. Everywhere it has been implemented, middle class tax rates have gone up.”

"The fact is, when you give more hard-earned taxpayer money to irresponsible politicians they don't suddenly become thoughtful stewards of that money – they recklessly spend it." Plummer went on to say that, "A progressive tax system has done nothing to prevent reckless Democrat majorities in places like California, New Jersey, Connecticut, and elsewhere from driving their states to the edge of bankruptcy. Illinois can and must do better.” 

Plummer has campaigned for lower property tax rates as well as repealing the 32% income tax increase enacted by the General Assembly last year. He has received the endorsement of Tax Accountability as a result of his commitment to lower taxes and advocacy for taxpayers who are being priced out Illinois.

Echoing this, Plummer added that he is "running for Senate to promote growth, create jobs, and make Illinois competitive and will strongly oppose the push by democrats to raise taxes and drive even more people out of the state."

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